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 11 May 2022
Mathnasium #MathTricks: Fractions (Comparing Fractions Part 2)

Welcome to Mathnasium’s Math Tricks series. Today we are comparing fractions that have the same numerators but have different denominators (the total number of equal parts in the whole).

When we compare fractions with the same numerators, we compare the same number of parts; however, the wholes may be divided into a different number of parts.

 27 April 2022
We’re Celebrating Math and Stats Awareness!

Throughout the month of April, we’ve had fun celebrating Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. But April is only the beginning; we hope you’ll be inspired to keep up this conversation with your family all year long.

The truth is that math is everywhere! We see it on the farm, in the grocery store, on construction sites, and at the amusement park.

 20 April 2022
Mathnasium #MathTricks: Statistics (Counting Part 1)

Welcome to Mathnasium’s Math Tricks series. Whether it is in statistics or the real world, we are occasionally required to count large amounts. It can be a long and tedious process to list the total number of combinations for given events. So today we are showing you how to use the Fundamental Counting Principle to count the number of outcomes; the trick is to multiply the number of possibilities for each event together.

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